25 November 2020

Development of a new elevator disinfection system

R&D Institute of Disinfectology of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights has received an application with a model of an elevator equipped with the automatic disinfection system. The system is based on single LED ultraviolet light emitters. They are equally effective against viruses and bacteria, as they destroy RNA of the microorganisms.

Let us remind, on November 12 there was held an on-line business meeting dedicated to development and implementation of decontamination systems for elevator cabs and control systems to protect the public in view of the epidemiological situation associated with the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 infection.

According to the resolution of the Chief Medical Officer of the Russian Federation the measures to protect the elevators from the new coronavirus infection should be extended to elevators that are both newly put into circulation and those already in operation. In this regard, it is important for the elevator companies as soon as possible to resolve the issue of developing and implementing the systems for decontamination of the elevator cabs and control system elements.

In the experimental model of the elevator produced at one of Moscow factories the disinfector is synchronized with the other elevator automatic systems, in particular, with the occupancy sensors. The emitter is only activated if there is no one in the cab. At opening the doors, the system is disabled automatically, and the elevator operates in normal mode.

The cab is also equipped with a display that indicates the parameters of the system operability. The developers believe that for an hour the emitter is capable to destroy up to 98 percent of the pathogens. The tests conducted in the R&D Institute of Disinfectology of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights confirmed the high efficiency of the system.

According to the materials: LiftInform, Russian Elevators Association